Mechanical engineering is a four-year BE programme that teaches the students the basic understanding and knowledge of how heavy tools and machinery work. A student pursuing a mechanical engineering programme will acquire knowledge about designing automobiles, electric motors, aircraft and other heavy vehicles. Mechanical engineers design everything from new batteries, athletic equipment to medical devices and from personal computers, air conditioners, automobile engines to electric power plants. These engineers also design machines that produce these innovations. The scope of mechanical engineering in India and abroad is huge for every aspect of our lives are touched by mechanical engineering in one way or the other. Spanning multiple industries, the career opportunities for students pursuing the programme is huge.

Permanently affiliated to Anna University and has an amazing track record at JCET with great results. This evergreen course has a special place at JAYAM as it's always the one you have to fight to get in. All the students have great training and are ensured to be placed with a long-term goal in mind.

As a sub-division of Mechanical Engineering, Thermal engineering deals with thermal properties of materials, body, and substances so, as to define their usage and utility in design and structuring of power generation equipment that dissipate heat in large amount.

A master’s level course in this specialization of mechanical engineering aims at providing in-depth subject knowledge and skills to the bachelor’s pass out so as to build the competence and ability in them to handle the practical life challenges that would be put forward to them at the industrial level.

Master of Engineering (ME) in Engineering Design is a full-time postgraduate program with a course duration of 2 years that deals with developing and designing various engineering products.

ME in Engineering Design syllabus consists of physical configuration, logical structure, protocols, methods to control the configuration, operational sequences for processing data, and controlling the operations over a computer.