Chairman's Message

An entrepreneur by nature and a businessman with a heart to serve the people. He has received the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award, Eminent Educationist award and more for his efforts in the field of education. This effort can be easily seen the minute one enters the institutions.

I congratulate you on your decision on choosing a career in the field of engineering. At the outset, let me inform that engineering is an application of your learning (knowledge and skills) in technology. For effective learning you need to understand basic concepts and principles involved in technology. Considering the impact of globalization and competitive world, JCET faculty and staff are being trained on a continuous basis in curriculum development and analysis of each subject, its concepts, principles and applications. Learning packages based on psychology of learning and subject matter analysis are prepared for easy understanding. We also prepare multimedia learning packages for students in different subject areas. These multimedia teaching-learning packages help both teachers and students in making learning very effective. I suggest young aspiring students to use multimedia packages and equip themselves with technical and non-technical competencies to face the challenges posed by modernization and globalization. Having explained various aspects related to career growth, I invite all the aspiring students and their parents to visit JCET to facilitate right choice about the college and the course at the right time.



Being a mother, it’s my innate responsibility to see that all the students at JAYAM are my children and are treated the same. The college would not have grown this much if not for the students and faculty support all these years and I vow to better ourselves in every way possible. We promise education by not just letting the students develop in an academic perspective but also by helping them realise their talents and dreams through sports and a healthy lifestyle. Education is not complete without the discipline in sports and the vice-versa. With education and sports, we provide home-made food to our students and keep them healthy in our Hostels to make them feel at home.

Joining JAYAM is truly a feeling of being Home away from Home.



Manoj Mourya Ramesh was born on 01.11.1991 into a family of educationists and philanthropists. His father Sri M Ramesh is the Chairman of renowned Jayam Group of Institutions, located in Dharmapuri district. Smt Parvathi Ramesh, his mother is one of the founder trustees of Jayam Educational Trust.

Sri Manoj Mourya had his school days moulded at the prestigious Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Yercaud. In the year 2013, Sri Manoj Mourya armed himself with a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science and Engineering, graduating from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. In his insatiable quest for knowledge, he enrolled himself into the Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, New Castle, U.K and passed out in the year 2015 with a commendation in business with International Management.

An avid table tennis and football player, follower and enthusiast, he not only captained one of the three school houses in 2009, but also received the best captain award the same year and has played in the Table tennis and Football state teams during his schooldays.

Director’s Message:

I would like to keep things simple in my message to you. I strive towards one goal and that is to provide the education I have received to all the students at JAYAM. I truly believe that sports in education can mould students the right way and I can personally guide each and every one of my students to find the right balance in life.

You will learn to balance life at JAYAM.



Principal’s Message:

Our vision is to impart Technical Education and Training of exemplary Academic Standards to our students; the brand ambassadors of JCET. In today’s technological world, every aspiring Engineer comes to the college with great dreams of excelling the roles of Team Player, Team leader and eventually becoming an industrial leader. All these roles demand an all-round development of the individuals on their PQ, EQ, IQ and SQ which are the four pillars of their total personality. We at JCET take care of the physical and intellectual needs of the students with a well-qualified and dedicated team of faculty members. Our competent team of staff members support our students to achieve emotional stability by exposing them to Personality Development & Career Advancement Programs. This in turn help them to emerge as the individuals of higher calibre with very good value system. Thus our students are chiselled out with unique dimensions of consciousness, compassion and creativity which make them: conscious of technological breakthrough compassionate towards the society at large creators of technological societies.

"All are welcome, who are interested in building an wonderful career for their lifetime".