Home Away From Home

Separate Hostel facilities are provided for Boys and Girls with all facilities and with a choice of between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. JCET has the best Hostel Facilities in the region with more than 300 rooms for boys and 50 rooms for girls. Computer terminals are available in each hostel for the students. The college also provides a guest house for external and internal guests inside the premises.

The Hostels are solely monitored by our Managing Trustee, Smt. Parvathi Ramesh. Boarding will be normally charged on yearly basis. Each hostel is provided with a resident Assistant Deputy Warden who will supervise the students and also act as an academic tutor. There is a Deputy Warden who will have overall supervision to students of all the Hostels.

Special Features:

* Qualitative vegetarian & Non-vegetarian food of high standard.

* Two & Three Beds per room.

* Round the clock Medical Facility.

Indoor games, Television, News Papers and other recreational facilities provided in each block. Computer Centre for browsing in both the hostels for students use.

* Separate Gym for both boys and Girls.

We can proudly say that we have one of the best hostels in any college with an amazing infrastructure. Our food is the best there is and is home made by our in-house chefs. We serve high quality Veg & Non-Veg Food Every year, our Hostel students take great care in celebrating the Hostel Day Function to commemorate the workers and wardens.