Library Journals Collection

200 National Journals (Print)

6 International Journals (Print)

1075 E-Journals

33350 Back Volumes

The College has a well-equipped modern WI-Fl library housed in a total area of 16000 sq.ft. The books are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and Open Access System is followed. The Library has computerized catalogue to find out the availability of books. The library is kept open on all the days from 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM. JCET was one of the first colleges in Tamil Nadu to adopt the Wi-Fi standards making the whole library completely accessible to the Internet.

The Library has extensive collection of books and is augmented on a continuous basis. National, International Journals, Magazines, e-journals, E-books, Project Reports, Educational Audio and Video content are available.

· The college has established a digital library with 50+ Laptops with high speed WI-FI Enabled 50Mbps internet connectivity.

· There are a total volume of Books which exceeds 50,000 also e-content at a large volume.

· We also have subscribed e-journals through AICTE INDEST Consortium,IEEE,ASTM,J-GATE.

· Newspapers are available.

· Photocopy Facility.

· Printing Facility.

· All the library books are issued with Bar Code Facility.

· Audio Visual Library.

· Subscribed 160 Printed national and International Journals.

· A research centre has been setup in the library for students and faculty to conduct research based activities.


Our college is fully equipped with round the clock internet facility with a speed of up to 100Mbps. The node facility is available for the entire campus including the hostels.

Round the Clock OFC internet connectivity is available for the entire campus including hostels.

All the Computer Laboratories are connected to the internet through Manageable Switches(VLAN)and our campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

The high end computing nodes are in the network of JCET through which simultaneously many users can access any of the servers in additions to other users from their department through campus network. About 1000 users can simultaneously access the facilities of JCET from their departments.

Since all the Computer Systems in JCET are connected in a switched fibre-optic campus network, one can access any resource from any node in the campus. A variety of open source software is also made available to the students and the users.

Apart from this, various exams conducted by the government are held at JCET as we are the only institution in Dharmapuri to provide the infrastructure required for exams like TRB, Forest Examinations, Police Examinations, Banking examinations, etc.

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