The department of Science and Humanities involves teaching Engineering Mathematics, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Communication Skills connected with all the programmes offered by all other departments. The department provides assistance in technical projects. The department provides a language lab for the students to enrich their communication competence. It also aims to maintain good linguistic proficiency through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Department of Science and Humanities has access to all streams of students irrespective of their subject specialization. It helps them mould the right attitude towards Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and English. But when it comes to the sixth semester, these subjects are not dealt with and this is a serious handicap. Nevertheless the department offers remedial and reinforcement sessions. The well equipped language lab fosters competency in placement. Always a challenge arises when we have to deal with students of different learning level, wherein we have to cope up with each students need in a 60 member classroom.