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When Jayam Educational Health and Charitable Trust started in the year 1997, it was with the idea to provide the best education to the people in the region. This initiative is another step in that direction. We have carefully understood that students in the region are unaware of Entrance Exams that can catapult their career in exponential ways but do not get the opportunity to attend any online tests. Though some of them attend coaching centres, those centres too usually give them only physically written exams. That is why, we have worked with leading minds to provide you the best online Practice test experience making it accessible to all and 100% free. We would like to thank all the people who are involved in making this happen. We wish the students the best and wish them great success in whichever career they choose.

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Read the terms and conditions carefully while attending the test.

For any Clarifications, please call our test coordinator, Ms. Nasreen Banu (7708161602)