Terms & Conditions


1. Important

Please read these conditions carefully as they shall form part of the contract between the Fee Payer and the relevant Jayam College of Engineering and Technology (‘the College’). It is important that you make sure that you have read and understood all of these conditions as confirm that you accept these conditions when you sign the registration form. The terms and conditions apply regardless of changes made to a student’s study course or as originally stated in the Application form, subject to the College giving reasonable notice of such changes wherever possible. Note: any reference to ‘term’ includes ‘semesters’.

2. Application and enrolment

i) To enrol a student at the College, the application form must be completed, signed by the Student and Fee Payer. Send your application directly to Admissions with the following items:

The student’s 10th, 11th, 12th marksheets

Four passport-size photographs

Community certificate

First Graduate certificate (if Applicable)

Aadhar Card

ii) The College will confirm as soon as possible whether or not the enrolment has been accepted.

iii) Formal enrolment documentation will be sent to you once the application has been accepted.

3. Payment of fees for tuition and accommodation

i) The fees can be paid by termly instalments at the applicable termly rate for the course for which the student is enrolled by the Fee Payer. Semester payments must be made at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester exams.

ii) Tuition and accommodation is dependent upon the fees for the relevant term being paid in full. If payment of the relevant term’s fees has not been made in full on the due date, by the Fee Payer, the College will charge a penalty per day on the outstanding balance until it is paid. If payment becomes overdue the College reserves the right to suspend or cancel tuition and/or accommodation. In cases of extreme or repeated failure to make payment by the due date, the College may require payment of the fees for the remainder of the academic year, including fees for future terms which may not yet be due. The student may be prevented from sitting examinations or the results of examinations and/or College references or other information may be withheld where fees remain unpaid in whole or in part.

Payment of Fees for Examinations. The student can pay the exam fees on or before the last date mentioned by the Controller of Examinations. If a student fails to pay the exam fees, the college reserves the right to grant the Hall ticket to the student.

Payment of Fees for Other Activities.

i) The student should pay the Admission enrolment fee totalling to Rs. 3000/- and only then will your seat be confirmed in the college.

ii) The student can pay any industrial visits organised by the college as and when applicable.

A small fee for Training and Placement will be applicable every year for UG students. This can be paid with the tuition fee before the end of the year.

Any other payments relating to student activities should be paid as and when applicable.

Fees may be paid in three ways:

a) By bank transfer to the following account.

Important: A payment reference must be provided by the Fee Payer so that the College can identify funds on safe arrival into our account.

Bank name & address: Indian Bank, Somanahalli Bank

Account number: 6644606947

Account name: Jayam College of Engineering and Technology


b) Via our website for onlilne payment

Simply visit www.jet.jcet.ac.in/feepayment

c) By Demand Draft (DD):

To be issued in the name of Jayam College of Engineering & Technology.

Provision of tuition

The College reserves the right to withdraw from offer a Course or subject within a Course at any time, giving reasonable notice wherever possible, and will provide a suitable alternative Course or subject wherever possible.

Fee increases

The College reserves the right to increase the fees at any time but fee increases will not apply in cases where the fees have already been paid.


The College regrets that it cannot extend credit to students. All additional services (trips, examination fees, materials, etc) must be paid for in advance in cash if the College so requests. Any invoiced expenses will be due for payment within fourteen days by the Fee Payer.


The acceptance of a student’s enrolment at the College means that a place has been reserved for the student at the College. In cases where that place is cancelled by the Fee Payer, the following charges shall apply:

i) The student / Fee payer is expected to pay the fee for the whole year (2 semesters) in order for the seat to get cancelled.

ii) Written cancellation must be given to the Head of the College and receipt will be acknowledged in writing. Failure to provide written cancellation will incur the full course fee applicable.


i) In order to withdraw a student from a Course, or from part of a Course that has already started, the Fee Payer is required to give notice, in writing, at least 1 month before the start of the counselling process in which the withdrawal takes effect. Failure to give such notice will oblige the Fee Payer to pay the College the remainder of the academic term’s fees plus one term’s fees in lieu of notice. In the event of a student being withdrawn without a 2 months’ written notice being provided to the Head of the College and receipt acknowledged in writing, fees will be charged for the remainder of the current term plus a full term’s fees.

Grounds for exclusion

i) The student must abide by the College’s rules as announced by the Head of the College from time to time.

ii) The College reserves the right to require a student’s withdrawal including immediate withdrawal from a Course, or part of a Course, for a serious or aggravated disciplinary or behavioural matter including continued or repeated misconduct, or if it is considered by the Head of the College that such a withdrawal is in the best interests of the student or the study group.

iii) In the event of a student’s temporary or permanent exclusion from a Course, or expulsion from the College, no refund of tuition or accommodation for the current academic year, or deposit, will be made.

iv) Attendance is monitored and students are required to maintain appropriate levels of attendance and may be expelled should this fall below the required level.

v) It is important that the College is made aware of any welfare or medical conditions or disabilities. If a student arrives at College with a pre-existing condition which was not declared at the time of application, the College reserves the right to either ask the student to leave the College or to send the student for private medical or psychological treatment or for tests, which will be at the student’s expense.

vi) Any student found to have misled the College as to their qualifications, medical or psychological history, learning difficulties, prior admissions will be subject to expulsion from the College without recourse to refund of tuition fees already paid.


i) The student is expected to live in College accommodation unless either living at home with a Parent or Guardian aged at least 21 years (subject to College approval), within reasonable travelling distance of the College unless agreement otherwise is made with the Head of the College, or where there are exceptional health or welfare circumstances.

ii) While the College will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a student with the accommodation requested on the application form, their preference is not guaranteed and confirmation will be made prior to arrival.

iii) The student may at any time be asked to change accommodation where this is due to misbehaviour, miscreant or otherwise, due to the negligence, act or omission thereof the student. Any additional supplement shall become immediately payable.

iv) Should the student wish to change or move out of College accommodation, Fee Payer is required to submit a request for approval from the Head of

the College , in writing, at least 12 weeks before the start of the term in which the change takes effect, otherwise, they will be charged the normal accommodation fees in lieu of notice for the remainder of the current term plus one full academic term. Should a student move out of college accommodation without prior approval from the Head of the College, accommodation fees will be charged for the remainder of the academic year.

Penalties and fines

i) The student is liable for any breakages, loss or damage caused by the student to the premises in which the student is being taught or is living.

ii) Breakages, loss or damage in shared rooms or communal living areas are considered the joint responsibility of the students in occupation, and will be recovered as such, unless an individual student accepts responsibility for such damage caused.

iii) The College may impose a reasonable penalty or fine for other forms of misconduct such as contravening health & safety regulations or infringing College policy.

Personal property

The College does not accept responsibility or liability whatsoever, including liability through the acts, omissions or negligence of its employees, agents or assignees for the student’s personal property.


By enrolling with the College, the Student, Parents, Guardians or Carers for the student, and the Fee Payer, consent to the reasonable use of the student’s details and academic achievements, including images or recordings of the student howsoever made, for promotional purposes.

Data protection

Any information provided to the College may be held on computer and shall be used by the College in accordance with its data protection registration and the data protection principles.


The College shall not be liable for either death or personal injury suffered by any student except as may arise through the negligence of the College. Parents and the student agree to notify the College of special dietary needs, allergies or other medical conditions where special arrangements have to be made. Parents and students also agree that the College may administer any non-prescription medication or first aid as is deemed appropriate and to seek medical, dental or optical treatment when required.

Reservation of rights

The College reserves the following rights:

i) to alter the content, nature and venue of a Course at any time

ii) to alter the details of any published information at any time

iii) to alter method of payment if deemed necessary at any time

iv) to assign the whole or any part of the agreement between the Fee Payer and the College, to any person or body, at any time.

Payment to agents

Before applying to study with us you may have engaged an agent to offer you advice and support in applying for Courses of study, and you may in some cases also have agreed to pay a fee to your agent for those services. We further understand that you wish us to pay that fee to your agent on your behalf. Where this is the case we acknowledge that your tuition fees payable may include a sum owing by you to your agent. We agree, at our discretion, to pay this sum to your agent up. We agree, at our discretion, to pay this sum to your agent on your behalf and reduce your tuition fees owing to us accordingly provided that the following conditions are met:

- You enrol at Jayam College of Engineering and Technology.

- You correctly complete the application form to authorise us to make these payments to your nominated agent;

- You pay all relevant academic fees to the College as they become due.

College trips and off-site activities

By enrolling with the College the Parents, Guardians or Carers for the student consent to the student participating in all college trips and other activities off college premises and to be given first aid or urgent medical treatment during the activity or college trip.

The student / fee payer has read and understood the above terms and conditions. The student agrees to the above mentioned statements and will obey the rules set by JCET.